flag usa BLUE BOB, edited by Adam Van Winkle

    "Cowboy Jamboree Press is proud to present its series of anthologies inspired, influenced and incited by our country and folk musical heroes.
    The stories, verse, essays, and art in BLUE BOB are all tinged by Bob Dylan's voice and music in some way. Herein are eighteen writers and artists that create an anthological soundtrack that can go on your Dylan records and books shelves or slot nicely into your grit lit collection. Featuring Matthew Ingate, Reagan M. Sova, Clem Flowers, Michael Chin, Daren Dean, Patricia Q. Bidar, John Waddy Bullion, Amy Bassin, Mark Blickley, Mark Rogers, Jeff Esterholm, Adam Van Winkle, Matthew J. Andrews, Zach Murphy, Viola LaBounty, A.A. Rubin, Dia VanGunten, and David Lambert. "

    Thank you to Knut Högvall for the information about this item.

- COWBOY JAMBOREE PRESENTS AN ANTHOLOGY OF GRIT LIT INCITED BY BOB DYLAN, Cowboy Jamboree 2022, paperback, 123 pages. ISBN 979-8366492065.

blue bob book


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