by Paul Metsa and Rick Shefchik

    "When Bob Dylan recorded Blood on the Tracks in New York in September 1974, it was a great album. But it was not the album now ranked by ROLLING STONE as one of the ten best of all time. "When something's not right, it's wrong," as Dylan puts it in You're Going to Make Me Lonesome When You Go --and something about that original recording led him to a studio in his native Minnesota to re-record five of the songs on that landmark album, including Idiot Wind and Tangled Up in Blue.
    Six Minnesota musicians sat in on that two-night recording session at Sound 80, bringing their unique sound to some of Dylan's best-known songs--only to have their names left off the album and their contribution unacknowledged for more than forty years. This book tells the story of those two nights in Minneapolis, of the musicians who gave the album so much of its ultimate form and sound, and of their decades-long fight for recognition."

- THE MINNESOTA MUSICIANS BEHIND DYLAN'S MASTERPIECE, University of Minnesota Press (29 mai 2023), 216 pages. ISBN 978-1517914271.

blood in the tracks Bob Dylan book


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