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     "Stories, monologues, interviews, letters, confessions, diaries: almost all the texts collected in this anthology are unpublished, in which the protagonists of a season that returns to make its appeal heard. Kerouac, Borroughs, Corso, Ginsberg, Cassady, Ferlinghetti, Le Roi Jones, Bob Dylan, Henry Miller and many others tell the story of America, music, drugs, loves, literature, the dreams of a generation that wanted a different world. This group of fools called beat (which means both "beaten" and "blessed") has the ability to talk about everything with "nervous intelligence and bravado".."

- KEROUAC, DYLAN, GINSBERG, BURROUGHS, FERLINGHETTI E ALTRI... - I BEAT RACCONTATI DAI BEAT, compiled by Emanuele Bevilacqua, Einaudi Tascabili, Stile Libero 1996, softcover, 176 pages. ISBN 9788806141714.
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battuti & beati book in Italian

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