flag us-uk BASEMENT TALES, by Andrea Brillo

    BASEMENT TALES goes through and analyzes, in chronological order, the publication on disk of the songs recorded by Bob Dylan & The Band in numerous sessions in Woodstock between the months of March and October of 1967.

    These songs, better known as The Basement Tapes, were not originally intended for the making of a Bob Dylan’s album but for cover versions by various artists of the time.
    The importance of the author and his simultaneous momentary absence from the recording market initially aroused interest from the underground market, which started the publication of the first bootlegs in the history of rock, and subsequently also those of the official record company.
    The publication of the songs taken from the Basement Tapes begins in 1969 with seven songs present in the bootleg Great White Wonder and ends with the creation, in 2014, of a voluminous box of 140 songs by Columbia Records, which was THE BOOTLEG SERIES Vol 11: THE BASEMENT TAPES COMPLETE.
    In this long period of time the two markets, the underground and the official one, have alternated with various record publications which are analyzed in detail here.

- BOB DYLAN - THE BASEMENT TAPES ON DISC (1968-2014). First edition in 2023; a second one, with new and revised content will be published in 2024. Special thank you to Andrea Brillo for this item.

Basement Tales, Andrea Brillo book
Youcanprint 2023, 208 pages,
paperback. ISBN 9791221443721

Basement Tales 2nd, Andrea Brillo book
2024, second private edition,
self-produced, limited to 75 copies only,
267 pages. New and revised content
No ISBN [0524]

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