flag uk BACK IN THE RAIN, by Doc Pasquale

   "In BACK IN THE RAIN, Doc Pasquale vividly positions BLOOD ON THE TRACKS not simply in the context of Dylan’s marriage, but his long “retreat” from rock and roll and public life: the big silence that lasted from his 1966 motorcycle crash, to his return to touring in 1974. Peeling back the layers in an extensive track-by-track analysis, he also examines the differences between the version of BLOOD ON THE TRACKS that Dylan originally recorded and the version that he eventually released, and what those differences reveal about this album that won't let go."

- THE MAKING UNMAKING AND REMAKING OF BOB DYLAN'S BLOOD ON THE TRACKS, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2015, 112 pages. ISBN 9781512220902

back in the rain Bob Dylan book


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