flag netherlands ALLES IS OKE, MA

    "By taking the listener as a starting point, Alles is ok, ma is a book about music like few have been written before. In his notes Tom Willems takes the reader to record fairs and thrift shops, through Dutch literature and of course past the record cabinet, always looking for more details. Details to help understand the power of Bob Dylan's music. With humour, an eye for detail and a critical eye, Tom Willems manages to take the reader into the life of a lover of Bob Dylan's music in his notes. Everything is fine, ma is therefore a feast of recognition for every Dylan lover."

- DE BOB DYLAN AANTEKENINGEN 2013-2015, by Tom Willems, Brave New Books 2015, 233 pages, paperback. ISBN 9789402130942

alles is oke, ma -de bob dylan aantekeningen 2013-2015 bob dylan book in Dutch

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