'This is the underground story of the legendary bootleg record label, Trade Mark of Quality, by Ralph Sutherland and Harold Sherrick, featuring original album covers by William Stout and album research by Steve Talia.
    In that hot summer of '69, two longhaired music freaks created an underground LP record album of unreleased tracks by one of their music gods and put it out on the streets of Los Angeles. No one had ever been crazy enough to do such an audacious thing before. The god's official record label was unamused but the music fans were thrilled. Were these guys pirates or heroes? It was so much fun the first time, they soon pressed even more records of forbidden musical fruit. They were on a roll. The following year, in 1970, one of the culprits put The Pig image in a circular logo with the name "Trade Mark of Quality." TMQ and Pigman were born!
    With a cast of outrageous characters, here is the story of Trade Mark of Quality aka TMQ aka The Pig, the first bootleg record label of its kind, spawning many later imitators.' 
   From GREAT WHITE WONDER to EARLY 60s REVISITED, 16 Dylan LPs were released in 14 years by Trade Mark Of Quality.

-THE UNDERGROUND STORY OF THE LEGENDARY BOOTLEG RECORD LABEL, by Ralph Sutherland and Harold Sherrick, Genius Music Books 2021, 336 pages, A4 landscape.

A Pig's Tale book
Signed, numbered, hardcover limited edition.

A Pig's Tale book
Open edition, softcover. ISBN 978-1-947521-89-6
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GWW poster
The Complete Discography Poster displays the 16 Dylan albums released by Trade Mark of Quality.
GWW poster
The Discography Grids that came with the LPs can be downloaded from the website.

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