THE FREEDOM THAT SINGS. "This book is a philosophical-poetic essay on the artistic and personal path of the singer and Nobel Prize in Literature Bob Dylan. The author, Daniel Lins, philosopher, psychoanalyst and essayist accompanies Dylan in his artistic choices, readings, passions, which he analyzes by relating them to philosophical, musical and literary traditions; he introduces and develops Dylan’s love for poetry, from Rimbaud to Baudelaire, going through Whitman, through music, painting, Kerouac and Ginsberg’s beat literature and demonstrating how Dylan’s artistic personality is built through these references."

By Daniel Lins, postface by Jean-Luc Nancy, Edições Ricochete 2017, Brazil, 576 pages, softcover. ISBN 9788564865099. Thanks to Erica Cardoso, Estante Virtual and Peter Oudejans for the scan and information.

a liberdade que canta Dylan book in Portuguese


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