The era of the LP began in 1967, with ‘Sgt Pepper’; The Beatles didn’t just collect together a bunch of songs, they Made An Album. Henceforth, everybody else wanted to Make An Album. The end came only fifteen years later, coinciding with the release of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. By then the Walkman had taken music out of the home and into the streets and the record business had begun trying to reverse-engineer the creative process in order to make big money. Nobody would play music or listen to it in quite the same way ever again.
       This is the story of that time; it takes us from recording studios where musicians were doing things that had never been done before to the sparsely furnished apartments where their efforts would be received like visitations from a higher power. This is the story of how LPs saved our lives.

- HOW THE LP SAVED OUR LIVES, by David Hepworth. The text on the front cover is different on the two editions: quotation from THE STATESMAN on the hardcover, from THE TIMES on the softcover.

a fabulous creation by david hepworth hardcover
Hardcover, Bantam Press 2019, 368 pages. ISBN 9780593077634
a fabulous creation by david hepworth softcover
Softcover, Black Swan 2020, 368 pages. ISBN 9781784162085

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