flag japan ディランを聴け!! / LISTEN TO DYLAN !!

ディランを聴け!! bob dylan in Japanese   ディランを聴け!! bob dylan book in Japanese green obi green obi   bob dylan wo kike book in Japanese red obi red obi
ディランを聴け!! / LISTEN TO DYLAN !! by Yasuki Nakayama, Kodan-Sya 2000. Collection of the author's comment of every Dylan track (thanks to Masato), 528 pages, paperback with paper wrap-around cover and obi; the obi reads: "An introduction to all 513 songs" 

listen to dylan yasuki nakayama 2004   listen to dylan yasuki nakayama 2004 with obi same,  Kodan-Sya 2004, softcover and obi ("An introduction to all 582 songs"), 606 pages. ISBN 978-4-06-274850-9