flag japan ディランを聴け!! / LISTEN TO DYLAN !!

By Yasuki Nakayama. Collection of the author's comment of every Dylan track. (Thank you to Masato Kato for the information)

ディランを聴け!! bob dylan in Japanese
Kodan-Sya 2000, 528 pages, paperback with paper wrap-around cover and obi
ディランを聴け!! bob dylan book in Japanese green obi
Green obi. The obi reads: "An introduction to all 513 songs

bob dylan wo kike book in Japanese red obi
Red obi

listen to dylan yasuki nakayama 2004
Kodan-Sya 2004, softcover , 606 pages. ISBN 978-4-06-274850-9
listen to dylan yasuki nakayama 2004 with obiThe obi reads "An introduction to all 582 songs"

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