german flag * 50 JAHRE BACKSTAGE, by Fritz Rau

     Fritz Rau, born 1930, organized the American Blues Festival starting in 1962, and over the decades worked with most of the big names in modern popular music. This book is the story of his life; among other memoties, Fritz Rau relates how he promoted Bob Dylan in 1978 and put together the Nuremberg concert on Zeppelinfeld, the site of the Nazi Party rallies between 1933 and 1938. The stage was situated oposite where was the Hitler podium, so that 80,000 mostly German fans turned their back on it during the concert.    


50 JareBackstage by Fritz Rau book in German
Palmyra Verlag 2005, 360 pages, hardcover.
There was also a softcover edition.
ISBN 978-3930378654.
50 JareBackstage by Fritz Rau book in German
edition-tz-de 2014, Ro▀dorf,
hardcover, 360 pages.
ISBN 978-3-940456-57-1

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