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    The stamps, or vignettes, below are fantasy items, just made by anyone from a photo; they cannot be used
to send letters, but are quite nice and collectible. Most of them wear the mention 'Local Post'.
    They can be found on the Internet.

    The official stamps, are here.

bob dylan stamp on shirt
Fantasy stamp image printed on a t-shirt!

bob dylan 1967 Giovani magazine 1967, I GRANDI D'AMERICA offered by the Italian magazine GIOVANI

bob dylan fantasy stamp 1 This "US stamp" may look official, but is actually a fantasy item. So far, there is no US stamp with Dylan's face on it.

Blowin' In The Wind series:

bob dylan fantasy stamp 1

bob dylan fantasy stamp 3

bob dylan fantasy stamp 4

bob dylan fantasy stamp 5

bob dylan fantasy stamp 6


Musical Master series:

bob dylan fantasy stamp 6    bob dylan fantasy stamp 7    bob dylan fantasy stamp 8

bob dylan fantasy stamp 9    bob dylan fantasy stamp 10    bob dylan fantasy stamp 11

bob dylan fantasy stamp 12    bob dylan fantasy stamp 13    bob dylan fantasy stamp 4   

bob dylan fantasy stamp 5


Rock Hall Of Fame series:

bob dylan fantasy stamp 14    bob dylan fantasy stamp 15 

bob dylan hall of fame 1 stamp    bob dylan hall of fame 2 stamp    bob dylan hall of fame 3 stamp


Rock'n Roll Hall Of Fame, Cleveland Ohio series:

bob dylan hall of fame 4 stamp

bob dylan hall of fame 4 stamp

bob dylan hall of fame 5 stamp
On illustrated enveloppe


American Icon series:

bob dylan american idol 1 stamp     bob dylan american idol 1 stamp     bob dylan american idol 1 stamp

bob dylan american idol 2 stamp     bob dylan american idol 2-2 stamp


Vara TV Magazine:

bob dylan vara tv stamp
Promotional card for Dutch TV Guide with covers of the latest issues; Bob Dylan is at the bottom left.


beatles bob dylan 29 may 1966 stamp
29 May 2019: 53th anniversary of The Beatles and Bob Dylan 1966 meeting at Mayfair Hotel, London. (USA, 2019)


bob dylan unknown fantasy stamp
No information available about this item.


The CHARTONIA series: As for the QUOTATIONS series (below), "this is a privately produced series of fantasy postal stationery cards specially intended to promote thematic collecting. (...) While they make an attractive addition to most display collections, they should not be used in competitive philathely, as being unofficial, the entry would lose marks."

bob dylan chartonia 1 stamp    bob dylan chartonia 2 stamp    bob dylanchartonia 3 stamp

bob dylan chartonia 4 stamp    bob dylan chartonia 5 stamp    bob dylan chartonia 6 stamp

bob dylan chartonia 7 stamp    bob dylan chartonia 8 stamp


The Quotations series: 'Bob Dylan Quotations #1-4 - Rock's Favourite Poet'

 bob dylan quotations 1 stamp
Bob Dylan Quotations #1

bob dylan quotations 2 stamp
Bob Dylan Quotations #2

 bob dylan quotations 3 stamp
Bob Dylan Quotations #3

bob dylan quotations 4 stamp
Bob Dylan Quotations #4


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