Bob Dylan's Birthday Bash Tribute Show SPECIAL EVENTS

musicare tribute journal OFFICIAL EVENTS:
1963 The March On Washington
1983 Fidèles à Bob Dylan
1988 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame
2000 Polar Prize
2001 Academy Awards
2002 Grammy Awards
2004 Graduation Ceremony
2015 Grammy Awards
2015 MusiCares Person Of The Year
2016 The Great American Songbook
dylan event 2005 FAN REUNIONS & FAIRS:
1969 Provadya
1975 Dylandag
1979-2001 Bob Dylan Conventions
1980-2004 Bob Dylan Festival
1993 Forever Young
1998 Bob Dylan Fan Treffen
1999-2015 Record Fairs
2001 The 60th Anniversary Tribute
2002 2nd Annual John Green Day
2004-2011 Dylan Days, Hibbing, Mn
2005 Dylan Event
2006 Bob Dylan Dag
2011 Dylan 70
2011 Happy Birthday Bob
2011 NoordNederlandsDYLANfestival
1999 kampel speelt MUSICAL TRIBUTES:
1996 Like A Rolling Thunder
1996 Zimmermen
1996 Tribute To The Music And Poetry Of Bob Dylan
1999 Kampen Speelt
2001 Bringing It All Back Home
2005 Talking Bob Dylan Blues
2006 I'm A Poet And I Know It
2007 The Times They Are A Changin'
2011 70th Birthday in Germany
2011 Bob Dylan-Festivalen
2012 Bob Dylan Night
2013 Einstein Disguised As Robin...
2014-15 Birthday Bash Tribute Show
2017 Bob Dylan Experience
2018 Sarclo Sings Dylan
2019 Bob Dylan Revisited
2022 Bob Dylan's Day
2022 Visions Of Johanna
dylan colloque Caen OTHER DYLAN EVENTS:
1991 Bob Dylan On Film
1998 International Conference
2004 Alessandro Carrera conference
2005 Lecture on Chronicles
2005 Colloque Université de Caen
2006 Bringing It All Back Home
2010 Bob Dylan In Film
2011 Musik Film Marathon
2013 Melkweg
2021 Peize church service
2022 Dylan And The Beats



      John Green was a completist Bob Dylan English collector who died on the 19th December 1999, aged 43. After his death, John's friends in the FREEWHEELIN' group decided that he should be remembered by a special annual Bob Dylan event, to be called THE JOHN GREEN DAY.
     There were six John Green Days so far: read more about them here.

     Below is a 2 page announcement of "The Second Annual John Green Day (The Basements In Northampton)". It was held at The Moat House Hotel, Northampton, on 31 August 2002.
     One of the highlights of the day was a performance by folk legend Julie Felix, which coincided with the release of her long-awaited double CD of Bob Dylan covers. Talks were given by the Isis editor Derek Barker, the writers C.P. Lee and Andrew Muir.
    For details and to see some pictures, see here.

    Thank you to Peter Oudejans for the scan and Freewheelin'-on-line for the information on this page.

2nd annual john greeen day 


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