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Bob Dylan's Birthday Bash Tribute Show SPECIAL EVENTS
dylan event 2005 FAN REUNIONS & FAIRS:
1969 Provadya, Holland
1979-2001 Bob Dylan Conventions
1993 Forever Young, Brazil
1995-2003 Bob Dylan Festival Austria
1998 Bob Dylan Fan Treffen, Vienna
1999-2015 Record Fairs
2001 The 60th Anniversary Tribute
2002 2nd Annual John Green Day
2004-2011 Dylan Days, Hibbing, Mn
2005 Dylan Event, Holland
2006 Internationaler Bob Dylan-Kongress, Frankfurt, Germany
1999 kampel speelt MUSICAL TRIBUTES:
1996 Like A Rolling Thunder, Berlin
1996 Zimmermen, Covingham, UK
1996 Tribute To The Music And Poetry Of Bob Dylan, USA
1999 Kampen Speelt, Holland
2001 Bringing It All Back Home, NYC
2005 Talking Bob Dylan Blues, UK
2006 I'm A Poet And I Know It, Berlin
2007 The Times They Are A Changin', Dortmund, Germany
2011 70th Birthday in Germany
2011 Bob Dylan-Festivalen, Norway
2012 Bob Dylan Night, Australia
2013 Einstein Disguised As Robin Hood, Germany
2014-2015 Bob Dylan's Birthday Bash Tribute Show
2017 Bob Dylan Experience, UK
2018 Sarclo Sings Dylan, France
2019 Bob Dylan Revisited, Australia
musicare tribute journal OFFICIAL EVENTS:
1983 Fidèles à Bob Dylan, Paris
1988 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, NYC
2000 Polar Prize, Stockholm
2002 Grammy Awards, USA
2004 Graduation Ceremony, Scotland
2015 Grammy Awards, USA
2015 MusiCares Person Of The Year
2016 The Great American Songbook
dylan colloque Caen OTHER DYLAN EVENTS:
1991 Bob Dylan On Film, UK
2004 Alessandro Carrera conference
2005 Lecture on Chronicles, Bochum
2005 Colloque Université de Caen
2010 Bob Dylan In Film, Japan
2011 Musik Film Marathon, Berlin



   PROVADYA or PROVADYA? was a name used in the sixties and early seventies for gatherings of youth in the Netherlands. They were not always dedicated to Bob Dylan, and therefore not Dylan Conventions. Characteristic elements were pop music, dance, theater, film, poetry and light shows.

Provadya 1969 programme
BOB DYLAN - AVOND PROVADYA? MAASSLUIS.  This program was for a gathering on April 12th, 1969 in Maassluis. It was orginized by Rein van der Pot and Tom Steenbergen. The booklet, a kind of program, was written by Rein van der Pot. You could visit after paying 2 guildens; approximately 100 persons came to this gathering. There were tapes played with unreleased recordings of Bob Dylan's music: the Minnesota Hotel Tape, outtakes from FREEWHEELIN', THE TIMES... and BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME, some songs of The BASEMENT TAPES.
Thank you to Tom Willems for this information.
Provadya programme
DYLAN - WAT TEKSTEN EN GEGEVENS VOOR VRIJDAG 4 DEC.- IN KOSMIC MIND,  photocopy, 8 pages This booklet was made for the Friday 4 December 1970 Provadya in Beverwijk


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