DYLAN DAYS, Hibbing, Minnesotta.

The Dylan Days was a festival in Bob Dylan's home town, organized by Linda Stroback, former owner of Zimmy's restaurant, and Aaron Brown. It consisted of a singer-songwriter contest, an art show and a bus tour of the town where Dylan grew up.

Dylan Days 2004 programme 2004, May: The Official Journal of the Dylan Days Creative Writing Contest: Volume 1. This is a 32-page, card-covered volume of poetry and short fiction by 12 contest winners. Not Dylan but Dylan connected.

Dylan Days 2006 programme 2006, 24-27 May: The Official Literary Journal and Program for Dylan Days (Hibbing), card cover, 36 pages.

Dylan Days 2011 programme 2011, 25-29 May: Talkin' Blues Volume 8, Program for the 2011 Dylan Days, 28 pages.

Dylan Days 2011 schedule of events 2011, 25-29 May, Dylan Days Schedule of Events