THE BEATEN PATH 2019, Castle Galleries

     THE BEATEN PATH 2019 by Bob Dylan, at Castle Galleries and other galleries belonging to the Washington Green Fine Art Company throughout the UK.

     "The new collection of twelve limited edition graphics includes some of Dylan's most pivotal images to date, featuring titles like 'Brooklyn Heights', 'Little Italy, Lower Manhattan', 'Under The Bridge' or 'New England Depot'. All graphics are hand-signed by the artist himself. Abandoning the everyday imagery of consumer culture, Bob Dylan has painted the honest picture of America that he encountered whilst touring the United States.
     Depersonalised and stripped of illusion, his paintings show generalised, universal and easily identifiable landscapes." See them here.

The beaten path by Bob Dylan Castle Galleries 2019 exhibition
Catalogue of the exhibition
the beaten path 2019 price list
Price list


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