Florida International University's Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum, exhibition held Nov. 30, 2021 to April 17, 2022

      "Focusing on a seldom-seen side of one of the most indelible American artists of any kind, BOB DYLAN RETROSPECTRUM will be the biggest and widest-eyed survey of Dylan’s visual artwork ever presented in the U.S. when it opens in Miami this week. After an earlier run two years ago at the Modern Art Museum (MAM) Shanghai, the exhibition at the Frost Art Museum at Florida International University will feature close to 200 paintings, drawings, and iron sculptures by a familiar figure better-known for the way he wields words".

     Below is the front cover of the catalogue of the exhibition. 80 pages in English and Spanish with full-color photos of some of the artwork, along with descriptions of the various series, quotes from the artist and other information related to the exhibit.
     You can read it and download it here. [1221]

retrospectum miami


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