Bob Dylan books In English language, U to Z letters:

under the read sky Bob Dylan book UNDER THE RE(A)D SKY, by Stephen Scobie, 1991, 18 pages

understanding Bob Dylan book UNDERSTANDING BOB DYLAN -MAKING SENSE OF THE SONGS THAT CHANGED MODERN MUSIC, by Tony Beck, CreateSpace 2011, 278 pages, paperback

unprepared to die Bob Dylan book *UNPREPARED TO DIE -AMERICA'S GREATEST MURDER BALLADS, TRUE CRIME STORIES THAT INSPIRED THEM, by Paul Slade, Soundcheck Books 2015, 292 pages, paperback. ISBN 9780992948078.

unusualand obscure Bob Dylan book UNUSUAL AND OBSCURE, by David Icke, 1982, 17 pages

unthe paperback magazine Bob Dylan book *US -THE PAPERBACK MAGAZINE, 1969, 12 authors, 191 pages. Includes a long article by Toby Thompson:  “Hey hey Woody Guthrie I wrote you a song”.

a vinyl headstone almost in place Bob Dylan book VINYL HEADSTONE ALMOST IN PLACE (A), by Ray Stavrou, big ring binder  gathering 499 pages + index list of albums, songs, sources and vinyl references, 2001, numbered copies. An exhaustive list of Dylan vinyl bootlegs, with scans and all available information at date of publication

visions of johanna stephen scobie Bob Dylan book VISIONS OF JOHANNA, by Stephen Scobie, Rolling Tomes 1992, 38 pages

vitagraph for Bob Dylan at sixty book VITA GRAPH -FOR BOB DYLAN AT SIXTY, by Gavin Selerie, Binnacle Press booklet 2001

voice without restraint herdman Bob Dylan's lyrics and their background book VOICE WITHOUT RESTRAINT -BOB DYLAN 'S LYRICS AND THEIR BACKGROUND, by John Herdman, Delilah Books 1982, USA, 164 pages

 same, Paul Harris Publishing 1982, UK, 164 pages, hardback with dustjacket. ISBN 0-86228-019-2

same, softcover. ISBN 0-86228-037-0

voice without restraint herdman the lyrics and their background Bob Dylan book VOICE WITHOUT RESTRAINT (BOB DYLAN:) -A STUDY OF THE LYRICS AND THEIR BACKGROUND, by John Herdman, Paul Harris, Edinburgh 1981. Paperback advance publisher’s proof for the 1982 UK first edition above, 160 pages. No page numbers to contents, no index.

walk the hard roan 2006 concerts Bob Dylan book WALK THE HARD ROAD -BOB DYLAN'S 2006 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith, 2007

wanderer by trade Bob Dylan book WANDERER BY TRADE (A) -GENDER IN THE SONGS OF BOB DYLAN, by Patrick Webster, McFarland (December 1, 2018), 250 pages. ISBN 978-1476674094 [0818]

wanted man in search of Bob Dylan book WANTED MAN -IN SEARCH OF BOB DYLAN, by John Bauldie, Back Spring Press 1990, 224 pages, hardback with dust cover.

wanted man in search of Bob Dylan paperback book same, Citadel Underground 1991, USA, paperback

wanted man in search of Bob Dylan penguin book same, Penguin 1992, paperback

warehouse eyes Bob Dylan book WAREHOUSE EYES -THE ALBUMS OF BOB DYLAN 1962-2005 by Peter James, Lulu.Com, USA, 2006, softcover, 317 pages.

watching the river flow observations on Bob Dylan's art in progress 1966-1995 book WATCHING THE RIVER FLOW -OBSERVATIONS ON BOB DYLAN'S ART-IN-PROGRESS, 1966-1995, by Paul Williams, Omnibus Press London 1996,  HARDBACK, 255 pages

Bob Dylan watching the river flow observations on his art in progress 1966-1995 WATCHING THE RIVER FLOW (BOB DYLAN) -OBSERVATIONS ON HIS ART-IN-PROGRESS, 1966-1995, paperback

watchin' the roads 2002 concerts Bob Dylan book WATCHIN' THE ROADS -BOB DYLAN'S 2002 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith, 2003, 64 pages

way down Bob Dylan book *WAY DOWN -PLAYING BASS WITH ELVIS, DYLAN, THE DOORS & MORE, THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JERRY SCHEFF, by Jerry Scheff, Backbeat 2012, 256 pages, paperback

we are the world Bob Dylan book *WE ARE THE WORLD -THE PHOTOS, MUSIC, AND INSIDE STORY OF ONE OF THE MOST HISTORIC EVENTS IN AMERICAN POPULAR MUSIC, by David Breskin, NY Perigree Books 1985, 60 pages

wee rock discography Bob Dylan book *WEE ROCK DISCOGRAPHY (THE), by M.C. STRONG, no information.

whaaat, theoriginal play boy interview Bob Dylan book WHAAAT? -THE ORIGINAL PLAYBOY INTERVIEW 1965, 40 pages

what happened? paul williams Bob Dylan book WHAT HAPPENED? (DYLAN-), By Paul Williams, Books/Entwhistle Books 1979, 128 pages -first printing.  ISBN 0-89708-021-1

what happened? paul williams second printing Bob Dylan book same, second printing. ISBN 0-89708-021-1

 same, 3rd printing  ISBN 0-89708-021-1

what happened? oneyear later paul williams Bob Dylan book WHAT HAPPENED? (DYLAN-) -ONE YEAR LATER, by Paul Williams, Hobo 1980, 12 pages

same, alternate colour

same, alternate cover

same, second printing, 1981

same, second printing, 1981, blank cover. [0718]

what's real and what is not Bob Dylan book WHAT'S REAL AND WHAT IS NOT -BOB DYLAN THROUGH 1964: THE MYTH OF PROTEST, by Terry Alexander Gans, Hobo-Press 1983, Germany, 164 pages, softcover. ISBN 3-923282-02-8

same, alternate cover, same ISBN.

same, alternate cover, existence confirmed

when bob met woody Bob Dylan book WHEN BOB MET WOODY -THE STORY OF THE YOUNG BOB DYLAN, by Gary Golio and Marc Burckhardt, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (May 3, 2011), 40 pages, Hardback

who is bob dylan? jim O'Connor Bob Dylan book WHO IS BOB DYLAN?, by Jim O'Connor, illustrated by John O’Brien, Grosset & Dunlap 2013, 106 pages, hardcover. ISBN 978-0-448-46589-0 

who is bob dylan? jim O'Connor softcover Bob Dylan book same, softcover. ISBN  978-0-448-46461-9

 same, Turtleback Books, Bound for schools and libraries, USA, 2016, 106 pages, hardcover, ISBN 978-0-606-31685-9

who is that man? in search ofthe real Bob Dylan hardcover book WHO IS THAT MAN? -IN SEARCH OF THE REAL BOB DYLAN, by David Dalton, Hyperion Apr 2012, USA, 400 pages, hardcover with dustjacket. ISBN 978-1-4013-2339-4

same, advanced uncorrected proof without photos/artwork and index, 374 pages, paperback

who is that man? in search ofthe real Bob Dylan omnibus book same, Omnibus Press 2012, UK, 383 pages, hardcover with dustjacket. ISBN 978-1-78038-546-4

same, Thorndike Press 2012, USA, large print 683 pages, hardcover, ISBN 978-1-4104-4912-2.

who is that man? in search ofthe real Bob Dylan paperback book same, paperback, Hachette Books 2016, 384 pages. ISBN 978-1-4013-1112-4

 same, under the title IT AIN'T ME,  pre-order cover, see it here.

who's gonna go to hell for anybody Bob Dylan book WHO'S GONNA GO TO HELL FOR ANYBODY? (BOB DYLAN-), by Lee Anderson Right'Stone, 1983, 101 pages.

why Bob Dylan matters richard f thomas book WHY BOB DYLAN MATTERS, by Richard F. Thomas, Dey Street Books, USA, (November 21, 2017), 256 pages, hardcover. This book by Harvard professor Richard F. Thomas is titled WHY DYLAN MATTERS in its UK edition (see below). ISBN-13: 978-0062685735

same, uncorrected proof, softcover.

WHY BOB DYLAN MATTERS, by Richard F. Thomas, Dey Street Books, USA, (November 2018), 368 pages, paperback, containing the new afterword written from song drafts discovered in Tulsa. ISBN-13: 978-0062685742 [0818]

why Dylan matters book WHY DYLAN MATTERS, by Richard F. Thomas, William Collins 2017, UK, hardback, 358 pages. This book by Harvard professor Richard F. Thomas is titled WHY BOB DYLAN MATTERS in its US edition (see above). ISBN 978-000824529-8

why Dylan matters paperback book WHY DYLAN MATTERS, by Richard F. Thomas, William Collins (November 2018), UK, paperback, 368 pages, containing the new afterword wtitten from song drafts discovered in Tulsa. ISBN 978-0008245467 [0818]

wicked messenger mike marqusee Bob Dylan book WICKED MESSENGER -BOB DYLAN AND THE 1960s- CHIMES OF FREEDOM, REVISED AND EXPANDED, by Mike Marqusee, Seven Stories Press 2005, 336 pages

the witand wisdom Bob Dylan book WIT AND WISDOM (THE) (BOB DYLAN), by Peter Jennings, independently published 2017, paperback, 189 pages; Dylan quotes and lines/verses from his songs. ISBN 978-1520856223.

with god onour side explanation Bob Dylan book WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE -EXPLANATION OF THE POEM, for Cours Carnot (private school), Paris, France

a woman and two men Bob Dylan book WOMAN AND TWO MEN (A) -AN ESSAY AROUND BOB DYLAN by Robert Forryan, private pamphlet, 1998

woodstock vision Bob Dylan book *WOODSTOCK VISION -THE SPIRIT OF A GENERATION, by Elliott Landy, with afterword by Richie Havens, Continuum. ISBN 9-7808264066-2-0 

 same, subtitled CLASSIC 60's PHOTOGRAPHS THAT HELPED DEFINE AN ERA, Landy Vision, N.Y., 1996. ISBN 0-9625073-4-2.

 same, Backbeat Books 2009, revised & enlarged edition, 224 pages. ISBN  9-7808793096-5-7 

       *WOODY GUTHRIE -THE TRIBUTE CONCERTS -CARNEGIE HALL 1968, HOLLYWOOD BOWL 1970. Bear Family Records 2017. 'Exclusive 3-CD set accompanied by two beautifully illustrated hardcover books in slipcase, containing historic liner notes and Guthrie biography, original concert reviews and photographs, attendees interviews, artists bios and concert ephemera', 27 x 27 cm. WOODY GUTHRIE THE TRIBUTE CONCERTS, 160 pages and THE WOODY GUTHRIE CONCERT BOOK, 88 pages. ISBN 978-3-89916-900-3.

words feel my head Bob Dylan book WORDS FILL MY HEAD -WRITTEN, SPOKEN, SUNG BY BOB DYLAN 1960-1990, Suede 1992, 358 pages. White cover with illustrated plastic outer. No author or publisher's name. Lyrics of all official songs, and known but unreleased at the date of publication.

same, alternate cover.

same, alternate cover, yellow paper cover with plastic outer. Bobcats International, second revised and updated edition, December 1990. A4 in Size, 358-page fan produced book with white and orange inner pages. Information [0718]

world of Bob Dylan book WORLD OF BOB DYLAN (THE), 1969 (?), 48 pages

writing Dylan larry david smith book WRITING DYLAN -THE SONGS OF A LONESOME TRAVELER, by Larry David Smith, Greenwood Publishing Group 2005, hardback - 496 pages

same, Second Edition, Praeger (November 2018), 644 pages, hardback. ISBN 978-1440861581. [0818]

writing gordon lightfoot Bob Dylan book *WRITING GORDON LIGHTFOOT -THE MAN, THE MUSIC AND THE WORLD IN 1972, by Dave Bidini, McClelland & Stewart Inc. 2011, hardback, 288 pages.

WRITINGS AND DRAWINGS BY BOB DYLAN, Jonathan Cape, UK, proof copy.

writings and drawings by Bob Dylan 1973 hardcover book WRITINGS AND DRAWINGS BY BOB DYLAN, Alfred A. Knopf Inc 1973, NYC, USA, 318 pages, hardback.  ISBN 0-394-48243-3

 same, Jonathan Cape 1973, London, UK, 318 pages, hardback. ISBN 0-224-00867-6

writings and drawings by usa Bob Dylan book same, Alfred A. Knopf Inc., USA 2nd edition, Feb 1974, ISBN 0-394-48243-3

writings and drawings by Bob Dylan panther 1974 book WRITINGS & DRAWINGS (BOB DYLAN), Panther Books/Granada Publishing 1974, UK, paperback, 478 pages, ISBN 586-04088-9

same, Panther Books/Granada Publishing 1977, UK. Information and scan requested.

same, Panther Books/Granada Publishing 1978, UK, 478 pages. Information and scan requested.

same, Panther Books/Granada Publishing 1979, UK. Information and scan requested.

same, Panther Books/Granada Publishing 1980, UK. Information and scan requested.

same, Panther Books/Granada Publishing 1983, UK. Information and scan requested.

same, Panther Books/Granada Publishing 1984, UK, paperback. ISBN 0-586-04088-9

same, Grafton USA. Information and scan requested.

written in my soul Bob Dylan book *WRITTEN IN MY SOUL -ROCK'S GREAT SONGWRITERS TALK ABOUT CREATING THEIR MUSIC, by Bill Flanagan. Contemporary Books 1986, paperback, 472 pages, ISBN 978-0809246502

a year and a day Bob Dylan 2016 daniel kramer book     Box and front cover ('Collector edition')    
YEAR AND A DAY (A), (BOB DYLAN), by Daniel Kramer, Taschen 2016. 'The Collector', (500 €), 1765 copies, numbered and signed by Kramer. Large size (31,2 cm x 44 cm) hard cover in a clamshell box, letterpress-printed chapter openers with tipped-in photographs, two different paper stocks and three foldouts. 200 photos of Bob Dylan (1964-1965) by Daniel Kramer, many of them never published. German, English and French text, 302 pages. ISBN 978-3-8365-4760-4.

same, 'The Art Edition', 200 copies only, published at the same time as the Collector's Edition. There are two versions of the Art Edition, each one coming with a signed argentic print: Art Edition A (n°1-100) with "Bob Dylan with Dark Sunglasses, NYC", archival black-and-white fiber–based gelatin silver print, 26.2 x 35.8 cm on 30 x 40 cm paper (10.3 x 14.1 in. on 11.8 x 15.8 in. paper), price 1750 €,  and Art Edition B (n°101-200) with "Bob Dylan: Columbia Records, Studio A", archival black-and-white fiber–based gelatin silver print, 37.7 x 25 cm on 40 x 30 cm paper (14.8 x 9.8 in. on 15.8 x 11.8 in. paper), price 1250 €. ISBN 978-3-8365-4764-2.
 Art Edition A    Art Edition B

a year and a day Bob Dylan 2018 book same, Taschen 2018, 23,6 x 33,3 cm hardcover with dustjacket, 304 pages. This is a more affordable edition, in three versions, two of them having the English text translated at the end of the book in foreign languages:
English ISBN 978-3-8365-7396-2,
English-French-German ISBN 978-3-8365-7100-5,
English-Italian-Spanish ISBN 978-3-8365-7433-4. [0818]


you calles andi came 2004 concerts Bob Dylan book YOU CALLED AND I CAME -BOB DYLAN'S 2004 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith, 2004, 62 pages

young Bob john cohen Dylan book YOUNG BOB -JOHN COHEN'S EARLY PHOTOGRAPHS OF BOB DYLAN, powerHouse Books 2003, 72 pages, hardcover.

younger now Bob Dylan's changing world and vision book YOUNGER NOW: BOB DYLAN'S CHANGING WORLD AND VISION, by Calolyn Jane Bliss. University of Utah thesis, August 1972.

younger than that now the collected interviews with Bob Dylan book YOUNGER THAN THAT NOW -THE COLLECTED INTERVIEWS WITH BOB DYLAN, Jim Ellison, Thunder's Mouth Press 2004