Bob Dylan book in Bulgarian Bob Dylan books In Bulgarian language:

Bob Dylan po magistralata na zhivota book in Bulgarian BOB DYLAN PO MAGISTRALATA NA ZHIVOTA (Bob Dylan The Magistrate of Life), by Howard Sounes, Mahaloto 2013. Down The Highway -The Life Of Bob Dylan, translation by Nasso Markova, softcover, 428 pages.

kronikie tom 1 Bob Dylan book in Bulgarian KRONIKIE -TOM 1, by Bob Dylan, Iztok-Zapad 2010, 256 pages, paperback. Chronicles -Volume 1.

poeti s kitara Bob Dylan book in Bulgarian POETI S KITARA (BOB DYLAN), hardback, with poster and picture sleeve single, Bulgaria 1984, 84 pages, (part of "Writings & Drawings" ). Unique picture-sleeve single included: Balkanton BKT 3802 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right / Blowin' In The Wind

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