BOB DYLAN BOOKS IN CATALAN LANGUAGE (spoken in the North East of Spain)


bob Dylan david castillo 19930book in Catalan BOB DYLAN, by David Castillo, Edicions 62, Barcelona 1993, softcover, 156 pages

bob Dylan david castillo book in Catalan obi   same, Edition 62, Barcelona 2016, without and with obi. 'Premi Nobel de Literatura' printed on the cover. Paperback, 251 pages. ISBN 978-84-297-7567-9.

buscant en bob Dylan book in Catalan BUSCANT EN BOB, by Jordi Sierra i Fabra, Editorial Barcanova 2003, Barcelona, 2003, Softcover 245 pages

croniques volum 1 Dylan book in Catalan CRÒNIQUES -VOLUM 1, by Bob Dylan, Catalan translation by Toni Cardona, Global Rhythm Press 2005, Barcelona. Hardcover with dustjacket, 300 pages ISBN 10: 8493421340 ISBN 13: 9788493421342

croniques 1 memories malpaso Dylan book in Catalan CRÒNIQUES 1 -MEMÒRIES, by Bob Dylan, 288 pages, Malpaso Ediciones, ISBN: 9788416665709.

jove per sempre Dylan book in Catalan JOVE PER SEMPRE, (Forever Young) lyrics by Bob Dylan, illustrations by Paul Rogers (Catalan and English edition), Blume 2009, hardcover, unnumbered pages.

tarantula Bob Dylan book in Catalan TARÀNTULA, by Bob Dylan, translated by Toni Cardona. Malpaso 2017, Barcelona, 228 pages. Hardcover with obi, bilingual edition. ISBN 978-84-1666-590-7

when bob meets eminem Dylan book in Catalan WHEN BOB MEETS EMINEM OR... BOB DYLAN'S 115th DREAM WITH A NIP OF GIN(É), by Jep Gouzy, Trabucaire 2005, Canet de Rosselló.