Bob Dylan books In Romanian language:

la multi ani Dylan book in Romanian MULȚI ANI DYLAN (LA), by Alexandru Andries, Editura Pronto 1991, Brasov, 48 pages

suflare in vant Dylan book in Romanian BOB DYLAN -SUFLARE ÎN VÂNT -100 DE POEME TRADUSE DE MIRCEA CĂRTĂRESCU, Poezia Humanitas Fiction 2012, 256 pages, softcover. ISBN 978-973-689-534-0 

same, 'Premiul Nobel Pentru Literatura 2016' printed on the front cover. Larger size than the 2012 edition. ISBN 978-606-779-123-5.

cine este bob Dylan? book in Romanian CINE ESTE BOB DYLAN? by Jim O’Connor, (Who Is Bob Dylan?) translation by Camella Ghloc. Pandora Publishing 2016, 112 pages, softcover. ISBN 978-606-978-002-2.       

cronica vietii mele bob Dylan book in Romanian CRONICA VIEȚII MELE -VOL 1, by Bob Dylan, (Chronicles Vol I) . Editura Alfa, Bucharest 2007, paperback, 184 pages.

CRONICA VIEȚII MELE -VOLUMUL ÎNTÂI Editura Humanitas Fiction 2015, translation Dan-Silviu Boerescu, 281 pages, softcover. ISBN 978-973-689-947-8. 

same, 'Premiul Nobel Pentru Literatura 2016' printed on the front cover. ISBN 978-973-689-947-8.

tarantula Humanitas Fiction 2014 bob dylan book in Romanian TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, translated by Sorin Ghergut with a preface by Mircea Cărtărescu. Humanitas Fiction 2014, 160 pages. ISBN 978-973-689-830-3 

same, Humanitas Fiction 2016, 'Premiul Nobel Pentru Literatură 2016' printed on the front cover. ISBN 978-606-779-124-2.