Slovenian, or Slovene, belongs to the group of South Slavic languages. It is spoken by approximately 2.5 million speakers worldwide, the majority of whom live in Slovenia. It is the first language of about 2.1 million Slovenian people and is one of the 24 official and working languages of the European Union.


bob Dylan scaduto Murska Sobota 1978 book in Slovenian BOB DYLAN, by Anthony Scaduto, Slovenian translation by Tomaz Domicelj, Pomurska Zalozba, Murska Sobota 1978,  437 pages.

branje boba dylan na klancu bob dylan book in Slovenian BRANJE BOBA DYLAN -NA KLANCU, by Marcel Štefancic, jr., UMco 2017, 164 pages. Softcover with foldover flaps. ISBN 978-961-6954-70-9

ni še mrak (nova lirika) bob dylan book in Slovenian NI ŠE MRAK (NOVA LIRIKA), by Bob Dylan, Not Even the Darkness (New Lyrics), translated by Matej Krajnc. Mladinska knjiga Založba 2015, 174 pages, paperback.

zapiski bob dylan book in Slovenian 2005 ZAPISKI, by Bob Dylan (Chronicles Vol. 1), translated by Matej Krajnc, Didakta, Radovljica 2005, 238 pages, softcover.  

zapiski bob dylan book in Slovenian 2015 same, Mladinska Kniga Zalozba 2015, Ljubljana, 263 pages, softcover

za zmeraj mlad bob dylan book in Slovenian ZA ZMERAJ MLAD (Forever Young), by Bob Dylan, illustrations Paul Rogers, translated by Jure Potokar, Mettis Bukvarna, Maribor 2009. 40 pages, hardcover