Swedish is a North Germanic language spoken natively by 9.6 million people, predominantly in Sweden (as the sole official language), and in parts of Finland, where it has equal legal standing with Finnish. It is largely mutually intelligible with Norwegian and to some extent with Danish. Both Norwegian and Danish are generally easier for Swedish speakers to read than to listen to because of difference in accent and tone when speaking. Swedish is a descendant of Old Norse, the common language of the Germanic peoples living in Scandinavia during the Viking Era. It has the most speakers of the North Germanic languages.


allt ska bli ditt sundelin arne bob Dylan book in Swedish ALLT SKA BLI DITT, by Arne Sundelin, Alfabeta Bokforlag 2012, Stockholm, 320 pages, hardback

biografin sounes hardcover norstedts bob Dylan book in Swedish BIOGRAFIN (DYLAN), by Howard Sounes,  translated by Hans Björkegren. Publisher Norstedts Förlag, Stockholm 2001. 518 pages, HARDCOVER

biografin paperback bob Dylan book in Swedish same, paperback, Panbok 2004, 518 pages

poesie forlaget bob Dylan book in Swedish BOB DYLAN, Poesie Forlaget/Bo Carefors Bokforlag 1975

scaduto anthony carlsson bokforlag bob Dylan book in Swedish BOB DYLAN, by Anthony Scaduto, Carlsson Bokforlag 1985

detering bob Dylan book in Swedish BOB DYLAN, by Heinrich Detering, Bokforlaget Daidalos, Gothenborg, 2008, translated by Jim Jakobsson, Softcover, 183 pages

en guide till hans skivor bob Dylan book in Swedish BOB DYLAN -EN GUIDE TILL HANS SKIVOR, by Christian Braad Thomsen and Asger Schnack, translated from Danish by Stig Björkman; Alfabeta Bokförlag 1998, 285 pages (Swedish translation of Danish 'En Guide Till Hans Plader')

en guide till hans skivor bob Dylan book in Swedish alternate cover same, alternate cover

bob dylan i sverige book in Swedish BOB DYLAN I SVERIGE, by Göran Holmquist, Premium Publishing 2002, 444 pages, Hardcover

klippbok 1956-1966 bob Dylan book in Swedish BOB DYLAN KLIPPBOK 1956-1966, by Robert Santelli, translated by Mats Gellerfelt, Stockholm, Bokforlaget Prisma 2005, 64 pages, Hardcover. (The Bob Dylan Scrapbook)

bob Dylan lexicon book in Swedish BOB DYLAN LEXIKON, by Karsten Jorgensen, Accent Forlag 2004, 287 pages, Hardcover

bob Dylan pa svenska book in Swedish BOB DYLAN PÅ SVENSKA, by Göran Holmquist, Forlaget Hjarstorm 1982, 160 pages

bob Dylan hibbing book in Swedish BOB DYLANS HIBBING -ETT RESEREPORTAGE FRÅN DYLANS FÖDELSESTAD, by Kristin Lundell, TelegramJounalistik 2014, 19 pages.

bobby boy mannen i migDylan book in Swedish BOBBY BOY -MANNEN I MIG, by Stig Hansén, Reverb 2012; hardcover with dustjacker, 206 pages

det ar inte mig ni soker hardcover bob Dylan book in Swedish DET ÄR INTE MIG NI SÖKER -JAKTEN PÅ BOB DYLAN, by David Dalton, Ica Bokforlag 2013, translation by Christian Ekvall; hardcover with dust jacket, 399 pages

det ar inte mig ni soker ponto pocket bob Dylan book in Swedish same, Ponto Pocket 2014, softcover, 399 pages.

det ar inte mig ni soker massolit pocket bob Dylan book in Swedish same, Massolit Pocket 2016, 400 pages, softcover. ISBN 978-91-7693-009-0.

dylan en karlekshistoria Dylan book in Swedish DYLAN -EN KÄRLEKS HISTORIA, by Håkan Lahger, Norstedts 2011, Stockholm. 206 pages, hardcover with dust jacket. ISBN 978-91-1-302653-4

dylan i 60 talet ellerstroms 2004 book in Swedish DYLAN I 60-TALET -TEMATIKEN I BOB DYLANS SÅNGTEXTER OCH DIKTER 1961-67, by Mats Jacobsson (Swedish text), 2004 Ellerstroms Forlag, Lund, Hardcover with dustjacket, 344 pages. ISBN 91-7247-100-X

same, this could be a pre-publication copy (digital picture, no real existence).

dylan i 60 talet ellerstroms 2016 book in Swedish same, Ellerströms 2016, 344 pages, softcover with foldover flaps. ISBN 978-91-7247-488-8

mannen myten heylin sverige Dylan book in Swedish DYLAN -MANNEN, MYTEN, MUSIKEN -EN BIOGRAFI, by Clinton Heylin ("Behind The Shades")

Highway 61 revisited pollizzotti hard cover Dylan book in Swedish HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED, by Mark Polizzotti, Lindelöws Bokförlag 2016, translated by Stig Hansén. 162 pages, hardcover with dustjacket, ISBN 978-91-87291-76-0 [0918]

Highway 61 revisited pollizzotti softcover Dylan book in Swedish same, Lindelöws Bokförlag 2017, 177 pages, softcover, ISBN 978-91-87291-88-3 [0918]

memoarer forsta wit Bokforlaget Prisma bob Dylan book in Swedish MEMOARER -FÖRSTA DELEN, by Bob Dylan. Swedish translation by Mats Gellerfelt, Bokforlaget Prisma 2004, Stockholm.  Hardcover with dustjacket, 279 pages

memoarer forsta wit Panbok 2005 bob Dylan book in Swedish same, Panbok 2005, Stockholm, 278 pages, paperback.

memoarer forsta wit Panbok 2006 bob Dylan book in Swedish same, Panbok 2006, Stockholm, 278 pages, paperback.

memoarer norstedts pocket 2006 bob Dylan book in Swedish same, Norstedts Pocket 2006, 278 pages, paperback. This is probably a pre publication cover.

Chronicle 2016 Dylan book in Swedish same, 2017, with mention 'Nobelpriset I Litteratur 2016', 272 pages, softcover. ISBN 978-91-1-307987-5

min tid av livet everest yayincilik bob Dylan book in Swedish MIN TID AV LIVET. Selected Dylan lyrics translated into Swedish by Olle Thörnvall and illustrated by Ola Åstrand. Båkhall, Stockholm, 1981, paperback, 72 pages. This was withdrawn prior to circulation because of copyright issues and threatened litigation with Special Rider Music; only a few copies released. (information and scan John Baldwin)

nar bob dylan mootte john lennon book in Swedish *NÄR BOB DYLAN MÖTTE JOHN LENNON, by Stig Hansén. Hjalmarson & Högberg 2014, 190 pages (73 on Bob Dylan). Softcover.

Bob Dylan sara danius limited edition book in Swedish OM BOB DYLAN, by Sara Danius, secretary of the Nobel Academy; 104 pages, limited edition, only for free distribution mainly to 'The Friends Of The Swedish Academy'.

Bob Dylan sara danius book in Swedish same, Albert Bonniers Förlag 2018, 162 pages, hardcover. ISBN 978-91-0-017781-2 [0918]

Dylan book in Swedish SÅNGTEXTER 1962-2001, by Bob Dylan, Lyrics in English only, Bokforlaget Prisma 2004, Stockholm. Hardcover with dustjacket, 618 pages

sangtexter 1961-2012 Dylan book in Swedish SÅNGTEXTER 1961-2012, by Bob Dylan, Lyrics in English only, Norstedts 2016, 682 pages, foreword by Fredrik Virtanen (11 pages). Hardcover with dustjacket, ISBN 978-91-1-307943-1. [0918]

stickspar bob Dylan book in Swedish STICKSPÅR -ÅTTA SKÄL VARFÖR BOB DYLAN BORDE TILLDELAS NOBELPRISET I LITTERATUR, by Ola Holmgren, Carlssons 2016, softcover with folded-over flaps, 169 pages

index till bob Dylan tarantula 1981 bob Dylan book in Swedish  bob dylan tarantula Förlaget Galder 1981 book in Swedish TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, 88 pages, with INDEX TILL BOB DYLAN TARANTULA, by Görgen Antonsson, 29 pages.  Förlaget Galder 1981.

tarantula bakhall bob Dylan book in Swedish 2000 TARANTULA, bilingual Swedish/English edition, includes Klas Burling interview CD, Bakhåll 2000, 192 pages.

tarantula Bakhåll 2016 bob Dylan book in Swedish same, Bakhåll (Lund) 2016, paperback. Identical front cover but different back cover to above and without the CD of Dylan/Burling Interview. Translated into Swedish by Görgen Antonsson, 192 pages ISBN 91-7742-168-9

tarantula revisited Bob Dylan book TARANTULA REVISITED, by Mikael Ekström, Thunder and Lightning Records 2018, 116 pages, softcover, no ISBN [1018]