Bob Dylan books In Polish language:

Dylan book in Polish AUTOSTRADĄ DO SŁAWY (BOB DYLAN), by Howard Sounes, Polish translation of  Down the Highway: The life of Bob Dylan by Boguslaw Lubanski. Wydawnictwo Ksiazkowe Twoj Styl 2008, Warsaw; softcover, 493 pages.ISBN 978-8371634475

Dylan book in Polish  Dylan book in Polish  Dylan book in Polish BOB DYLAN, Flowers Edit. 1989, Poland, with flexi picture disc, 62 pages, hardback

Dylan book in Polish BOB DYLAN, by Piosenki W. Przekładzie and M. Zgaińskiego, Wydawnictwo "Britannica" 1991, Poznan paperback, 120 pages.

Dylan book in Polish BOB DYLAN -ILUSTROWANA BIOGRAFIA, by C. Rushby, Olesiejuk 2011, 223 pages  

Dylan book in Polish DUSZNY KRAJ (BOB DYLAN), by Bob Dylan .Translated by Filip Łobodziński, Biuro Literackie 2017. 351 pages, softcover with fold over flaps, ISBN: 978-83-65125-43-9. Selection from Lyrics  1962-2012, bilingual English/Polish.  

Dylan book in Polish DYLAN -DROGA BEZ KOŃCA, by Clinton Heylin, Wydawnictwo Lodzkie 1993, Lodz paperback, 542 pages (Dylan Behind The Shades)

Dylan book in Polish DYLAN I COHEN -POECI ROCKA, by David Boucher, (Dylan and Cohen - Poets of Rock 'n' Roll), Niebieska Studnia 2016, paperback, 293 pages. ISBN: 978-83-60979-50-1

Dylan book in Polish KIM JEST BOB DYLAN?, by Jim O'Connor (Who Is Bob Bylan?), Wielcy i slawni 2016, 112 pages, ISBN: 978-83-8097-057-1 

Dylan book in Polish KRONIKI -TOM 1, by Bob Dylan. Chronicles Volume 1, Polish translation by Marcin Szuster, Wydawnictwo Czarne 2014. 231 pages, hardcover. (Chronicles -Volume 1) 

Dylan book in Polish MOJE KRONIKI -CZĘŚĆ 1, by Bob Dylan, Swiatowy Bestseller 2005, Polish translation by Jacek Sikora, Wydawnictwo Dolnoslaskie Sp., Wroclaw, 2006. 181 pages.(Chronicles Volume One)

Dylan book in Polish TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, Biuro Literackie 2018, translated by Filip Tobodzinski, softcover, 172 pages. ISBN 9788365125484

Dylan book in Polish TRUBADURZY ROCKA, Biblioteka Gazety Wyborczej 2006, CD/book "The Troubadours of Rock". The CD is a folk and folk-rock 14-song compilation by various artists; Bob Dylan's song is Don't Think Twice, It's All Right. The 38-page booklet is mainly on Bob Dylan, with information on each artist and song (information Artur J.)