- L'ADAMI FÊTE BOB DYLAN (Paris, 2017)

     TIMES ARE CHANGING -L'ADAMI FÊTE BOB DYLAN, is a musical performance by Jean-Claude Gallotta; it was played in Paris, France, at the Théâtre du Rond-Point for two days only: 18 and 23 October 2017. Very nice performance of dances on Bob Dylan music, Dylan texts reading, with Moriarty and the participation of the actor Jean-Pierre Kalfon. L'Adami, Maison des Artistes Interprètes, takes care of the rights of the artists.
Thank you to Jean-Pierre Mercier for the information.

Bob Dylan theater times are changing Paris flyer

Bob Dylan theater times are changing Paris flyer#2
6-page A5 size document given away to every spectator,
with information about Bob Dylan and the artists performing.



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