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Call me Bob Dylan please theater programme THEATER
1971 Scratch, USA
1987 Dylan: Words & Music, USA
1987 True Dylan, by Sam Shepard
2006 Saving Grace
2006 The Times They Are A-Changin'
2007 Ich Bin Nicht Bob Dylan
2009 Baby Blue, Denmark
2010 Engel für Dylan, Germany
2010 Dromen Van Johanna, Holland
2011 Bob Dylan, Copenhagen
2011 Lady Lay, Berlin
2012 The Times They Are A-Changin'
2015 Comme Une Pierre Qui...
2016 Call Me, Bob Dylan... Please!
2017 Die Dankesager Bunter Abend
2017 Girl From The North Country
2017 Times Are Changing, Paris



(I AM NOT BOB DYLAN - A DYLANESQUE BIOGRAPHY GAME). Front/back of the unfolded flyer for the play performed in Dortmund, 30 March 2007, producer Jürgen Wiersch. Thank you to Jürgen Wasser for the scan and information.

ich bin bob dylan dortmund 2007 



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