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bob's room EXHIBITIONS


1991 Mona Lisa Musta Had The...

2009 Bob, Ein Hommage An Dylan
2012 Nothing Is Revealed, NYC
2016 Homage To Bob, J. Wealleans
2017 Larry Smart Retro-spective

morgan library GENERAL:

2004-08 Bob Dylan's Amer. Journey

2007-08 Dylan In Eisenberg
2007-08 The Answer Is Blowin' In The Wind, Chemnitz
2011 Bob Dylan Exhibit, Hibbing
2011 Refractions Of B. Dylan, Vienna

2012 L'Explosion Rock, Paris

2016 Bob's Room, Berlin
2017 Kuss, Von Rodin Bis Bob Dylan
2017 Il Mondi Di Bob Dylan, Italy
2017 Dejadme Morir De..., Medellin

keep your eyes wide open PHOTOGRAPHIES:

2004 Keep Your Eyes Wide, SNAP

2005 Bob Dylan Unscripted, USA

2005 Bob Dylan by Barry Feinstein

2005 Daniel Kramer, SNAP Galleries

2006 Bob Dylan par J. Schatzberg

2008 Real Moments, SNAP, UK

2011 Ken Regan, NYC
2011 There Is No Eye, Paris

2012 Blood In My Eyes, London

2012-13 Daniel Kramer, London
2020 Bob Et Marylin, Paris



      "BOB DYLAN L'EXPLOSION ROCK 1961-1966" is an exhibition that took place in Paris, France, at the Cité de la Musique (6 March - 15 July 2012). Mainly a Daniel Kramer photos exhibition -some of them never seen before-, it also showed memorabilia (Hibbing yearbooks, handwritten fac-similes, record covers, a guitar that belonged to Bob Dylan, and much more...)

bob dylan exhibition
January-March 2012, #68, 4 pages. La Cité de la Musique magazine, 4 pages
BOB DYLAN L'EXPLOSION ROCK 1961-1966 exhibition leaflet
The front of this leaflet was also the official poster of the exhibition
BOB DYLAN L'EXPLOSION ROCK 1961-1966 exhibition press book Press Book for the exhibition, 22 pages

BOB DYLAN L'EXPLOSION ROCK 1961-1966 exhibition leaflet 2
Leaflet, 8 pages

BOB DYLAN L'EXPLOSION ROCK 1961-1966 exhibition radio programme
Leaflet for the FIP Dylan radio programme, 9-10 March 2012



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