The booklet shown below, was included in the very rare Spanish promo compilation LP BOB DYLAN 1960-1978 FOREVER YOUNG.

    In Manuel García Jara explains more about this very rare release:

    "Usually a compilation of previously released tracks has two purposes:
     1) As an introduction to the work of an artist, usually released in some countries where records of this artist were scarce or still unreleased: e.g. POETA O PROFETA (Argentina/Uruguay, 1967) or LOS MÁS GRANDES ÉXITOS DE BOB DYLAN (Venezuela, 1972),
     2) With a strictly commercial purpose (most part of worldwide compilations).
     However, these two reasons were not applicable to Spain in 1978: all Dylan albums were already released in Spain and this album was made as a strictly promotional record.
     Why did CBS Spain make this album? In the 1970s the Dylan bibliography in the Spanish language was very, very scarce; the few books available at the time were very subjective and they were full of errors, rumours and wrong information; it was very usual at this moment to read in magazines and to hear on the radio a lot of rumours ("Bob is doing an album sung entirely in Spanish"), ridiculous information ("Bob wrote Sad-Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands with a lipstick) and a lot of wrong news. Many professionals in the media asked CBS Spain for a serious and rigorous work... and then CBS made this set, exclusively for music professionals, where the record is a complement of the dossier and not vice versa.

     The complete set includes the album (only 200 un-numbered copies) and a 14-page dossier written by Diego A. Manrique. This album is extremely rare but the value as a collector's item decreases if this dossier is missing. (...)
    The 14-page dossier includes a year by year chronology about Bob and his work, including bibliography and filmography available in Spain."

   The scans and information by Manuel García Jara come from Searching For A Gem,'s.htm

    Below is the document: 14 pages of biografical elements compiled by Diego A.Manrique. (flip the booklet and scroll down to see the cover and the promo LP).

dossier bob dylan spain 1978 promo      1960-1978 bob dylan spain 1978 promo lp


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