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1963 The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
1964 The Times They Are a-Changin'
1969 Lay Lady Lay 7" Press Release
1973 Dylan
1974 Asylum/WEA
1975 The Basement Tapes
1976 Hard Rain
1978 Street Legal
1979 Slow Train Coming
1980 Saved, Spain
1981 Shot Of Love 7", Spain
1983 Infidels
1984 Real Live
1985 Biograph
1985 Empire Burlesque
1986 Knocked Out Loaded
1989 Oh Mercy
1991 The Bootleg Series Vol 1-3
1992 Good As I Been To You
1992 30th Anniversary Concert
1994 Bob Dylan's Volume 3, Spain
1995 MTV Unplugged
1997 Time Out Of Mind
1998 Live 1966
2001 The Ultimate Collection
2001 "Love And Theft"
2001_03 May Your Song Always...
2006 Modern Times, Germany
2007 Dylan (3-CD compilation)
2009 Together Through Life
2011 Pure Dylan
2016 The Bootleg Series Vol. 12
2016 Bob Dylan Live 1964
2017 Triplicate
2020 Rough And Rowdy Ways
2021 Blind Willie McTell 7"
2021 The Bootleg Series Vol. 16
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1978 far east flyer TOURS:
1975-76 The Rolling Thunder Review
1978 World Tour
1981 Tour
1984 Tour
1986 True Confessions Tour
1987 Temples In Flames
The Never Ending Tour
dossier bob dylan VARIOUS:
1965 Columbia Records press kit
1965 Exclusive CBS Recording Artist
1969 CBS Artone Press Kit
1969_74 CBS Records Benelux
1973 Elva År Bob Dylan, Sweden
1976 Nella Tua Discoteca..., Italy
1978 Dossier Bob Dylan, Spain
1998-2006 FNAC
1999 88.6 Der Musiksender radio
2007 Bob Dylan, non official DVD



    The booklet shown below, was included in the very rare Spanish promo compilation LP BOB DYLAN 1960-1978 FOREVER YOUNG.

    In Manuel García Jara explains more about this very rare release:

    "Usually a compilation of previously released tracks has two purposes:
     1) As an introduction to the work of an artist, usually released in some countries where records of this artist were scarce or still unreleased: e.g. POETA O PROFETA (Argentina/Uruguay, 1967) or LOS MÁS GRANDES ÉXITOS DE BOB DYLAN (Venezuela, 1972),
     2) With a strictly commercial purpose (most part of worldwide compilations).
     However, these two reasons were not applicable to Spain in 1978: all Dylan albums were already released in Spain and this album was made as a strictly promotional record.
     Why did CBS Spain make this album? In the 1970s the Dylan bibliography in the Spanish language was very, very scarce; the few books available at the time were very subjective and they were full of errors, rumours and wrong information; it was very usual at this moment to read in magazines and to hear on the radio a lot of rumours ("Bob is doing an album sung entirely in Spanish"), ridiculous information ("Bob wrote Sad-Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands with a lipstick) and a lot of wrong news. Many professionals in the media asked CBS Spain for a serious and rigorous work... and then CBS made this set, exclusively for music professionals, where the record is a complement of the dossier and not vice versa.

     The complete set includes the album (only 200 un-numbered copies) and a 14-page dossier written by Diego A. Manrique. This album is extremely rare but the value as a collector's item decreases if this dossier is missing. (...)
    The 14-page dossier includes a year by year chronology about Bob and his work, including bibliography and filmography available in Spain."

   The scans and information by Manuel García Jara come from Searching For A Gem,'s.htm

    Below is the document: 14 pages of biografical elements compiled by Diego A.Manrique. (flip the booklet and scroll down to see the cover and the promo LP).

dossier bob dylan spain 1978 promo      1960-1978 bob dylan spain 1978 promo lp


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