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14 October 2016



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flag china IN CHINESE (10)
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flag galicia IN GALICIAN (1)
flag germany IN GERMAN (125)
flag greece IN GREEK (18)
flag israel IN HEBREW (6)
flag hungary IN HUNGARIAN (2)
flag iceland IN ICELANDIC (7)
flag italy IN ITALIAN (81)
flag japanese IN JAPANESE (55)
flag norway IN NORWEGIAN (43)
flag poland IN POLISH (13)
flag portugal IN PORTUGUESE (49)
flag romania IN ROMANIAN (1)
flag russia IN RUSSIAN (4)
flag serbia IN SERBIAN (4)
flag slovakia IN SLOVAK (1)
flag spain IN SPANISH (174)
flag sweden IN SWEDISH (29)
flag thailand IN THAI (3)
flag turkey IN TURKISH (11)



    SAL COMÚN was founded in October 1978 as a weekly magazine. Then it changed to bi-weekly and later to monthly publication.
    Trying to avoid any political any political ideology the mag was related with the needs of man with sex, drugs & rock'n'roll trying to explain and clarify the pro and cons of every issue. It's curious but readers interpreted this sincerity as a freedom ideology. (Director Marçal Molinè).
    On the cover they told it was released together with ROLLING STONE, ROCK & FOLK and DISCO EXPRES. That means it reproduced articles of the first two magazines and inserted some central pages from DISCO EXPRES.

sal comun October 1978 magazine Bob Dylan front cover
#2, 13-19 October 1978, 3 pages
sal comun March 1980 magazine Bob Dylan front cover
#26, March 1980, 3 pages



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