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Two different English magazines wear this name:

    1) The first HISTORY OF ROCK was a British rock music magazine that operated in the early 1980s. It was owned by Orbis Publishing, a publisher that specialised in partworks, and ran to ten volumes, comprising 120 parts and 2400 pages. According to the music journalism website Rock's Backpages, the magazine "provided an encyclopaedic look at the history of contemporary music".

    2) In 2015, the title was adopted by the publishers of UNCUT for a new magazine covering key events in rock history by year. This incarnation of THE HISTORY OF ROCK reproduces contemporary articles that originally appeared in the music publications MELODY MAKER and the NME.

the history of rock #61 UK magazine Bob Dylan front cover
early 1980s, Orbis, UK. This is #61 (Bob Dylan special) of what was presented as an encyclopedia of Rock. 20 pages.
the history of rock 2015 UK magazine Bob Dylan front cover
August 2015, Uncut, 7 pages: the year 1966, 'From the archives of NME & The Melody Maker'



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