'EYE MAGAZINE was a short-lived counterculture focused magazine which began in March 1968. It appealed largely to college students and it covered fashion, music, and politics. It nearly always had a large pull-out poster of a famous person or art, on one occasion a comic, and once even a record.
    It was a large magazine, formatted like LIFE, and had tons of color pictures and articles. Jim Morrison even wrote an article for the magazine. Some say that EYE is a prime example of consumerism cashing in on the youth boom, but some find the magazine to bring back opulent memories. Fifteen issues were published before its end in May 1969' (born-late.blogspot).

"Bob Dylan - Musical Roots & Branches".  
This now classic poster was included as an insert in #7, September 1968.

Thank you to Eric Galzi for the improved images and the information.

Eye magazine with Bob Dylan tree

   Called BOB DYLAN - MUSICAL ROOTS & BRANCHES, this drawing by Michael Foreman
is also known as the 'Bob Dylan Tree'.
It shows Dylan's influences as roots, and people he influenced (as birds).
- Some 'roots' could also be seen as 'birds', such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.
This is a 1968 drawing: how many 'birds' would there be today in the tree?

bob dylan eye magazine dylantree poster



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