ALOHA, Holland

    Aloha is the Hawaiian word for love, affection, peace, compassion and mercy. Two magazines wore that name in Holland at different periods:

    In 1969 ALOHA became the new name of HITWEEK. It was a magazine focused on music, graphic design, comics and counterculture alongside national and international social issues.
    From 1969 till the end of its publication in 1974 ALOHA was independent and operated without permanent writing staff or editors: everybody was welcome to write an article or publish a drawing. ALOHA was ironic, critical, unconventional and seasoned with absurd humour.

aloha 1971 magazine Bob Dylan cover story November-December 1971, 3 pages


    In 1999 the name ALOHA was used again in Holland for a new more classical music magazine that can be compared to the UK's Q or MOJO. It was taken over by OOR in 2005. Thank you to Peter Oudejans for this precision.

aloha 2002 magazine Bob Dylan cover story May 2002, 6 pages



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