Heritage Auctions is an American multi-national auction house based in Dallas, Texas. Founded in the 1970s and 80s from a partnership between two rival collectors, Heritage is an auctioneer of numismatic collections, comics, fine art, books, luxury accessories, and memorabilia from film, music, history, and sports.
     The auctions take place in Dallas, live and online.

Heritage Auction catalog 2017 Bob Dylan11 November 2017, catalogue: ENTERTAINMENT & MUSIC MEMORABILIA. The guitar was sold for $396,000 to an anonymous buyer Heritage Auction 2017 Bob Dylan
same, ad

Heritage Auction March 2019 Bob Dylan 16 March 2019, catalogue: ENTERTAINMENT & MUSIC MEMORABILIA. The sunburst-finish guitar, personally-owned by Bob Dylan, with the serial number L72261, was used during the initial writing and recording sessions of BLONDE ON BLONDE in New York. It had an opening bid of $150,000 (113kGBP). Other items included: Dylan's owned and signed harmonica and neck-stand, a gold album of BLONDE ON BLONDE for breaking a sales record, rare acetates and sheet music, and more.
Heritage Auction June 2019 Bob Dylan
20-21 June 2019 auction: VINTAGE MUSIC POSTERS (front)
Heritage Auction June 2019 Bob Dylan back
same, back

Heritage Auction November 2019 Bob Dylan
16 and 17 November 2019 auction, catalogue: MEMORABILIA & MUSIC
Heritage Auction November 2022 Bob Dylan
9 and 10 July 2022 auction, catalogue: MUSIC MEMORABILIA

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