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   "- Men's Bigi Magazine". Men's Bigi Co. is a Japanese clothing company, established in 1975, "which can be said to be the genesis of men's fashion in Japan".
   The magazine VISAGE was produced to promote its image, published by Aoki Shoten; there were apparently five issues, 1988-1990.

  Below:  Vol.1,  April 1988, featured Bob Dylan on 25 pages. It included an episode of Bob Dylan as a Minnesota native by Saburo Kawamoto, a text by Heckel Sugano who saw Bob Dylan on July 10 1987 show at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia, a translation of a ROLLING STONE article by Ben Fong-Torres, a translation of Michael McClure’s article 'The Poet's Poet', a translation of the interview on Rolling Stone and an artcle about the Beat Generation.

Thank you to Toshikazu Urushibata and Yuka Kichise for the information. [0524]

visage magazine Bob Dylan front cover




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