VIE NUOVE ('New Ways') was a weekly popular magazine published in Rome, Italy, between 1946 and 1978. It was one of the post-war publications of the Italian Communist Party which used it to attract larger sections of the population. From 1971 to 1978 the name was changed to GIORNI - VIE NUOVE.

Below: CHITARRE CONTRO LA GUERRA ('Guitars Against War'), - QUESTI I CANTI DELL'ALTRA AMERICA ('These are the songs of the other America'). This is a 16-page insert to the magazine, unknown date of publication (probably 1965). There are six pages against the war (the Viet-Nam war). Bob Dylan is often mentioned along with Joan Baez and others.
    Eight songs are presented (lyrics and chords), from We Shall Overcome to Eve Of Destruction, the Dylan song being Masters Of War. There is a large photo of Bob Dylan on two pages; in the text we learn that, after having started his career with folk songs, "he now writes only pacifist songs". See the .pdf here.

Thank you to Andrea Brillo for the scan, information and pdf. [0324]

VIE NUOVE magazine Bob Dylan front cover



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