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SUMMERTIME was a "scholastic magazine" featuring "stories, sports, hobbies, science, how to do it" and "puzzles."

    Below: July 16, 1965, Volume 12, Number 4.
    This historic issue previews the historic Newport Folk Festival of that year at which Bob Dylan "went electric." Dylan, along with Joan Baez. Peter, Paul and Mary and The Freedom Singers are pictured on the cover from an appearance at Newport in 1963
    A one page "front cover" entitled "American Folk 'Sounds' and Songs" appears inside previewing the upcoming Festival taking place a week later (July 22-25). A small inset picture of Dylan, "a favorite folk singer," appears on the page. Dylan would change the face of popular music and the folk movement forever on the night of July 25, 1965.

    A large scan of the front cover would be very welcome

summertime magazine usa Bob Dylan front cover





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