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14 October 2016



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SANLIAN LIFE WEEK, People's Republic Of China

       SANLIAN LIFE WEEK is an influential Beijing-based weekly launched in 1995. It once had aims of becoming China's Time, but after angering propaganda officials by running relatively detailed articles in 2006 commemorating the Tangshan arthquake and the Cultural Revolution, it was ordered to stay away from current events and news reporting. Its cultural articles remain strong, its interviews are always interesting, and it has an eclectic assortment of columnists. However, its no longer the must-read it once was.

sanlian April 2011 magazine Bob Dylan cover story
#625, April 2011. (The title means:
"The reality of Dylan and our dreams:
the wind blows the answer')
sanlian October 2016 magazine Bob Dylan cover story
#909, 24 October 2016, 67 pages




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