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    The SAN ANTONIO LIGHT was the continuation of the EVENING LIGHT, which started in 1881. The Evening Light began publication in a four-page, 11- by- 15-inch format on weekday afternoons and Sunday mornings, but it expanded to a seven-column broadsheet in 1884.
    By the first decade of the twentieth century, the weekday edition consisted of eight pages; the Sunday Light usually had over 20 pages and included a magazine supplement. Despite the dominance of the Democratic Party in Texas, this Republican journal had one of the largest circulations among San Antonio newspapers.
    Although the Light remained one of the largest circulating newspapers in San Antonio, it experienced financial difficulties in the 1980s and closed in 1993.

Below: TV CHANNELS, 28 November 1971 supplement, with 1/5 page on Bob Dylan inside.
TV CHANNELS was also published by other US local newspapers: see DETROIT FREE PRESS, NEW HAVEN REGISTER. Its sister was TV PREVUES, published -among other probably- by the SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER.

tv chanels nsan antonio November 1971 magazine Bob Dylan front cover



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