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14 October 2016



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     LE QUOTIDIEN DE PARIS was a French newspaper founded in 1974 by Philippe Tesson. Along with LE QUOTIDIEN DU MÉDECIN and LE QUOTIDIEN DU PHARMACIEN, LE QUOTIDIEN DE PARIS made up the Groupe Quotidien (Daily Press Group) which employed over 550 individuals, with nearly all press organs now defunct.
     Philippe Tesson intended for it to be the successor to the daily newspaper COMBAT, of which he had been the editor-in-chief between 1960 and 1964. COMBAT included articles and editorials from a variety of opinions, as well as an in-depth coverage of cultural events in Paris.

Below: #3173, 31 January 1990, 1 page.

le quotidien de paris Bob Dylan front cover  




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