(Cataluña is a part of Spain, located in the North East of the country)

el periodico del verano 1997 Bob Dylan cover story
7 August 1997, El Periódico de Catalunya (de Verano), 'Summer supplement', Grupo Zeta, 2 pages
el periodico de catalunya 1998 Bob Dylan cover story
12 July 1998 (Edition in Spanish)
el periodico de catalunya 1998 in catalan Bob Dylan cover story
12 July 1998 (Edition in Catalan)

      bob dylan Ediciones Primera Plana S.A. series, 2007 book in Spanish During six months, from October 2007 to April 2008, El Periódico de Catalunya released  the Discografia Oficial Completa, a weekly series of 27 books (22,5 x 16,5 cm). Each book contains an excerpt from Chronicles Vol.1, all 27 forming the complete Chronicles Vol. 1 in Spanish. Every book also has the lyrics from Lyrics 1962-2001, in English and Spanish and includes 2 official CD's. Ediciones Primera Plana 2007, Barcelona, hardcover, 34 pages. See the complete set (front and back) here. Information and scans: Peter Oudejans &  http://www.searchingforagem.com