LA BICICLETA, REVISTA CULTURAL. The repressive system imposed in Chile during the military dictatorship (1973-1990) affected not only opposition party activities, but also the country’s various artistic and cultural movements. Under this regime of censorship, appeared in September 1978, through Editora Granizo, the magazine LA BICICLETA, with Eduardo Yentzen as responsible director, in addition to Any Rivera and Álvaro Godoy as part of the editorial team.
     Both the periodicity of the publication and the quality of the format of its first issues were a response to the authoritarianism that at that time had the country in the middle of a "cultural blackout". Despite these adverse conditions, from the beginning LA BICICLETA set out to be a means of artistic diffusion and critical reflection on the cultural and social activity of the country, an objective that was vigorously carried out through its 75 issues.
     With varied sections on literature, music, graphic humor or theater, it was one of the main means of dissemination of art and culture during the military dictatorship.

Below: July 1982. Thank you to Eric Galzi for the improved image.

la bicicleta magazine Bob Dylan front cover



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