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14 October 2016



flag bulgaria IN BULGARIAN (2)
flag catalunia IN CATALAN (3)
flag china IN CHINESE (10)
flag croatia IN CROATIAN (3)
flag czech republic IN CZECH (10)
flag denmark IN DANISH (10)
flag holland IN DUTCH (68)
us-uk flag IN ENGLISH (545) :
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flag finland IN FINNISH (13)
flag france IN FRENCH (114)
flag galicia IN GALICIAN (1)
flag germany IN GERMAN (125)
flag greece IN GREEK (18)
flag israel IN HEBREW (6)
flag hungary IN HUNGARIAN (2)
flag iceland IN ICELANDIC (7)
flag italy IN ITALIAN (81)
flag japanese IN JAPANESE (55)
flag norway IN NORWEGIAN (43)
flag poland IN POLISH (13)
flag portugal IN PORTUGUESE (49)
flag romania IN ROMANIAN (1)
flag russia IN RUSSIAN (4)
flag serbia IN SERBIAN (4)
flag slovakia IN SLOVAK (1)
flag spain IN SPANISH (174)
flag sweden IN SWEDISH (29)
flag thailand IN THAI (3)
flag turkey IN TURKISH (11)


JINGLE, Philippines

    "The Philippine music scene of the 1970s was not just defined by moptop artists, British bands and folksinging groups—but also by a revolutionary songbook that became a byword in its heyday: JINGLE Songbook Magazine—or just plain JINGLE, to a horde of guitar-strumming, music-loving young people. Before JINGLE, we only had squeaky-clean songhits with predictable titles like “Hit Parade” and “Song Cavalcade”. But the launching of JINGLE changed all that: it was fun, it was attuned to the times, it was irreverent and wacky, it poked fun at the establishment, and it answered young people’s clamor for better entertainment.
    A lot of risqué things could be found on every page, from green songs and jokes, protest songs and Anti-Marcos establishment commentaries. It ‘s no wonder JINGLE was one of the publications that incurred the ire of authorities and was targeted for closure during the Martial Law days. But so popular was JINGLE that it was soon made available again". Read more about JINGLE on A Fly And A Flea.


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