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14 October 2016



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    Started by Charlton Publication Inc. (in 1943), this was one of the oldest continually published music magazines in USA (after Song Hits, Billboard, and Down Beat). From its inception until about 1975 (when it became too expensive to license the rights), it published the lyrics to many popular songs of the time. Printed on newspaper stock (with a glossy cover) until the 1980s, this mag contained many small feature articles about your favorite artists.
    Hit Parader's publisher, Charlton, located in tiny Derby, Connecticut, was a true music-mag empire. They put out numerous popular titles, including Country Song Round-Up, Song Hits, and Smash Hits. Hit Parader was sold in 1991, when Charlton ran into financial troubles and folded.
   Since 1984, the magazine, like so many other music publications, caters largely to hard rock and heavy metal fans. Hit Parader ceased publication after the release of December 2008 issue.

hit parader 1966 01 magazine Bob Dylan front cover
January 1966
hit parader 1966 10 magazine Bob Dylan front cover
October 1966
hit parader 1966 11 magazine Bob Dylan front cover
March 1967, no information
hit parader 1966 11 magazine Bob Dylan front cover
March 1967, no information

hit parader 1968 06 magazine Bob Dylan front cover
June 1968, 3 pages ('Impressions of Bob Dylan', by Mike Bloomfield)
hit parader  1968 yearbook magazine Bob Dylan front cover
1968 Yearbook
hit parader 1969 11 magazine Bob Dylan front cover
November 1969, 4 pages



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