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14 October 2016



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flag romania IN ROMANIAN (1)
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      Starting February 2021, monthly published by Byline Publishing Limited under license from De Agostini Publishing Italia S.p.A. in association with Sony Music, this series is distributed in the U.K. and Eire by Marketforce (U.K.) Ltd. 
      "With each issue, you’ll receive a fantastic Dylan LP alongside an eight-page companion guide featuring listener’s notes for every track, insights on the political and cultural background to its release and a classic poster of the man himself. It’s a true must-have for any fan of Bob Dylan who wants to explore and enjoy his incredible body of musical work on 180-gram vinyl". Read more here.
      This is more for real vinyl completists, or those who want to start a Dylan vinyl collection. The series presents the albums in more or less chronological order; the starting issue, probably for marketing reasons, was THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN'; the first album, BOB DYLAN, comes only as Part 3.

      A similar series was released in Italy only, also by De Agostini in 2018-2020, but without magazine inside.

dylan vinyl
Sealed first issue (front)
dylan vinyl
same (back, presenting the series)
dylan vinyl
Magazine holder: "File your magazines in style"
dylan vinyl
Example of an LP and its magazine

     Below are the front covers of the magazines. Many thanks to Mike McGarr for the scans.

dylan vinyl
Part 1
dylan vinyl
Part 2
dylan vinyl
Part 3
dylan vinyl
Part 4
dylan vinyl
Part 5
dylan vinyl
Part 6
dylan vinyl
Part 7
dylan vinyl
Part 8
dylan vinyl
Part 9
dylan vinyl
Part 10
dylan vinyl
Part 11
dylan vinyl
Part 12
dylan vinyl
Part 13
dylan vinyl
Part 14
dylan vinyl
Part 15
dylan vinyl
Part 16
dylan vinyl

The back of the packings shows the forthcoming issues of the series, that should at least go up to part 35.


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