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14 October 2016



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DISK, Holland

    The monthly magazine DISK, devoted to sound equipment and reproduced music was created in September 1961 with Jan de Kruijff as editor-in-chief. Unfortunately, the publisher's cash was empty after four months. With the help of an enthusiastic reader, the mimeographed edition Pick up from March 1962 to May 1963 was first published and then in small offset printing until 1966.
    After publishing house Misset showed interest, the magazine appeared briefly as Stereorevue / Disk, after which the original Disk appeared in 1967. rose from the ashes. At that time, an audio-technical section was also started in which equipment for sound reproduction was tested and discussed. Just before the CD was introduced, the Misset publishing house became part of the Elsevier concern. This led to editorial conflicts, the introduction of a column for pop music and a new editor-in-chief. The existing circle of readers was not served by this and a new one was not tapped. This became fatal for the magazine and in 1981 the publication - now definitively - was discontinued for the second time.
    Thank you to Hilda Fernhout for the information

Below: October 1980, 10 pages

disk magazine Bob Dylan cover story



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