THE DIG, Japan

   "The Heart Of Rock & Soul": THE DIG is the name of the special issues of the magazine CROSSBEAT; it was launched as a quarterly in 1995.

dig 1997 magazine Bob Dylan front cover
March/April 1997, 37 pages

dig 2007 magazine Bob Dylan front cover
Spring 2007, 46 pages.

ザ・バンド&ボブ・ディラン the band and bob dylan The Dig Special Edition book in JapaneseTHE BAND & BOB DYLAN, Special Edition 50th Anniversary, Shinko Music Mook 2012, 224 pages.
ISBN 978-4-401-63717-1
ボブ・ディラン&ザ・バンド ザ・ベースメント・テープス bob dylan the band the basement tapes Shinko Music Mook 17 November 2014 in Japanese BOB DYLAN & THE BAND - THE BASEMENT TAPES,
Special edition, 196 pages.
17 November 2014,
Shinko Music Mook
ISBN 978-4-401-64083-6
ボブ・ディラン The Dig Special Edition, Shinko Music Mook bob dylan book in JapaneseBOB DYLAN THE CUTTING EDGE 1965-1966,
11 November 2015,
Special Edition, 192 pages
Shinko Music Mook
ISBN 978-4-401-64236-6


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