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   DE WAARHEID (literally 'The Truth') was the newspaper of the Communist Party of the Netherlands. It originated in 1940 under the German occupation as a resistance paper, the day after general H.G. Winkelman had forbidden publication of the earlier Communist Volksdagblad. The party decided on May 15, 1940, to continue the Volksdagblad illegally under the name DE WAARHEID. The first months were spent setting up a nationwide network of 'handout points' ('stencilposten'), the main articles would be written centrally, whereas the different 'handout points' added localized articles. In the last decades it became a more independent left wing newspaper but circulation continued to drop and the paper was discontinued on 28 April 1990

                                de waarheid 26 04 1984  Bob Dylan front cover 26 April 1984
                                de waarheid 30 04 1984  Bob Dylan front cover 30 April 1984



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