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14 October 2016



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     BROADSIDE magazine was a small mimeographed publication founded in 1962 by Agnes "Sis" Cunningham and her husband, Gordon Friesen. Hugely influential in the folk-revival, it was often controversial. Issues of what is folk music, what is folk rock, and who is folk were roundly discussed and debated. At the same time, BROADSIDE nurtured and promoted important singers of the era.
     The mimeograph machine used to produce the magazine had been discarded by the American Labor Party. The mixture of hand-drawn musical notation, typewriter text, and the occasional hand-drawn illustration or photocopied news story anticipated a look that would be more common in zines 20 years later.
     By the end of the 1970s, BROADSIDE had essentially ceased publication. There were three 'Annuals' in 1980, 1981 and 1982, and some sporadic publications; they stopped in the late 1980s.

     Below are the Bob Dylan related covers; the whole BROADSIDE collection can be read and downloaded here.

broadside magazine 6 Bob Dylan front cover
#6, 24 May 1962 (New York) , 1 page
broadside magazine 20 Bob Dylan front cover #20, February 1963 (illustrated by Suzie Rotolo) 3 pages broadside magazine 23 Bob Dylan front cover
#23, late March 1963, 2 pages
broadside magazine 24 Bob Dylan front cover
#24, April 1963, 1 page 
broadside magazine 27 Bob Dylan front cover
#27, June 1963, 2 pages
broadside magazine 38 Bob Dylan front cover
#38, 20 January 1964, 1 page
broadside magazine 39 Bob Dylan front cover
#39, 7 February 1964, 1 page
broadside magazine 43 Bob Dylan front cover
#43, 15 April 1964, 2 pages
broadside magazine 93 Bob Dylan front cover
#93, July/August 1968, 7 pages
broadside magazine 95 Bob Dylan front cover
#95, November/December 1968, 2 pages
broadside magazine 97 Bob Dylan front cover
#97, March/April 1969, 2 pages
broadside magazine 116 Bob Dylan front cover
#116, November-December 1971, 3 pages
broadside magazine 126 Bob Dylan front cover
#126, January-June 1974, 1 page
broadside magazine 128 Bob Dylan front cover
#128, January-June 1975, 2 pages
broadside magazine 129 Bob Dylan front cover
#129, July-December 1975, 4 pages
broadside magazine 140 Bob Dylan front cover
#140, July-December 1978, 5 pages
broadside magazine 144 Bob Dylan front cover
#144, Annual 1981, 1 page

     Below: BROADSIDE SONGBOOK Volume 1. Privately Bound in 1998 by Vicente Escudero. This is a huge compilation of Dylan and Dylan related Broadside music and articles. Single-sided, 114 unnumbered pages, A4, 29.5 x 21 cm. (Information and scan The front cover shows a form that was used for ordering the BROADSIDE compilation songbook (1964).

broadside songbook vicente escudero 1998



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