BIZZ, then SHOW BIZZ, Brazil

   BIZZ was a popular and influential music magazine that was founded in June 1985. In July 1995, the magazine was renamed as SHOW BIZZ. It ceased publication in 2001 after issue #192, but restarted in 2005. However, it ceased publication as a monthly again in 2007 (last issue #215) when the official Brazil edition of ROLLING STONE emerged. Since then, Bizz has only been published as a series of special editions. (Information

bizz supplement magazine Bob Dylan front cover
This fascicle is supposed
to have been included
in #35 (June 1988).
Further information
would be very welcome.

bizz january 1990 Bob Dylan front cover
January 1990
This copy is
"for subscribers, sale prohibited"

bizz letras traducidas magazine Bob Dylan front cover
36-pages Bob Dylan special
Letras Traduzidas
("Lyrics Translated").
Lyrics of 11 Dylan songs
in English and Portuguese.
show bizz magazine Bob Dylan front cover
SHOW BIZZ (new name)
March 1998



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