16 MAGAZINE, USA (New York City)

     16 MAGAZINE was published in New York City from 1957 till 2001. Despite the lack of serious journalistic content and fierce competition from TIGER BEAT and other celebrity magazines, it remained the top-selling teen celebrity magazine for many years.
     For at least 30 years of its publication, 16 MAGAZINE was entirely self-supporting. In 2001, it became part of Primedia's Teen Magazines groups and is considered a monthly "specials" issue focusing on a specific topic or act.
     Despite this, no regular or special issue of 16 MAGAZINE was seen or published since, including online. By this time, newer teen magazines had taken over, such as J14, M MAGAZINE, POPSTAR! MAGAZINE, and the resurrected TIGER BEAT.

Below: April 1966:

16 magazine Bob Dylan front cover



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